Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well I wanted to share with you our first and last family snow day for a long time, we figured hey, might as well go to the snow, before we go live in the deseret, where we are more than an hour away from the snow. Here are a few pics, of our fun.

Mark and Aimee

Maren and Emily
3 girls first time in the snow

Mark going down belly up, with the Rico right behind

Pull Rico, Pull!! Go sled dog

Go Dad and Emily

Daddy with Cadyn on her first sled ride

Friday, December 14, 2007

Moving To Arizona

Well I guess i can spread the news now, we are for sure moving down to AZ. We will be leaving on the 9th of Janurary, We will be renting our friend's home there for 18 months. It has been a long time deciding what to do with financial problems, and actually after watching an episode n Oprah, I felt an answer to pray with some advice that was given on the show that was going through a similar experience. weird to say that, but its true so w are selling the house and moving out of CA. I hope one day we might be able to return, but for now, I don't want to move again, at least this big untill the girls are done with school. We will miss all of you in the Olivehurst Ward, and our friends we have made living here in Marysville. Its been nice living here, but now we feel we need this change to improve our life, and get rid of the constant stress. I don't want to die at age 30, from a stress related incident. WE love all of you, those we are leaving behind, and its sad to think, but we really have no intentions of even coming back up here, since we have no family close anymore. we will fill you in as we get in the house are details, but leave a post and i'll email you our info.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Mom!

So this morning started off like a typical morning lately, Got up with the baby to nurse her in bed, then when she woke up, Aimee came in the room and then I heard emily crying through her door, so Aimee let her out and they all jumped on the bed, and then we were playing with cadyn and then emily wanted me to read her a book, So I did and they all watched and were paying attention and I had a great feeling come over me. I was very proud of being a Mom and the great little girls That I was raising. I have been struggling with the role of Motherhood, and it hit me today, this is what it is all about, and That gave me the new focus to try even harder to Be the best Mom I could be for my daughters. I just thought I'd share that with my loved ones, who are all of you out there who read this. I'm glad to be a mom, even though times it is hard, It is worth it. I love you Aimee, Emily, and Cadyn, very much.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Camping over Labor Day weekend

Yeah I know its been 2 months since I last posted anything, but I have started back to school and taking 2 classes 1 online-medical Terminology, and 1 at the college-Anatomy. So far I'm doing alright-meaning I'm passing with a C in Anatomy, but it might be getting pulled up real soon. Aimee started Preschool this year where she goes 5 days a week in the afternoon. So getting used to that is working better now that i have a routine. Anyways just wanted to post our fun camping trip to Mammoth Lakes-Red's Meadow. The girls all did real well, this was our first camping trip more then just an overnighter with the ward. Here are a few pictures to tell you about our trip.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Wedding, Birthday, and a Baby Blessing!

SO our trip down South, was fun but very busy, we went to bed exhausted every night. from driving to visiting to chasing the kids down from playing with Grandparents "breakables". But all in all it was good to see family and friends, that we haven't seen in a long time since about christmas time, longer for others.

Hanging with the bride the night before the BIG day, ALL us Sisters, so sweet!!

The Flower girls and their Mom!

The Dad with his beautiful Girls(minus the baby)

Aimee and Her Mommy ( my favorite pic)

The pretty flower girls who were too excited to stand in the line and be pretty...

All 3 sisters, finally all married after 5 years!

The next day we Blessed cadyn in My dad's ward and then afterwards we had a small get together at his Parents house then later that evening we had a birthday cake and presents with my parent at their house

That is a very brief run through, but it was nice to be apart of everything and see so many loved ones.

Monday, July 16, 2007


SO are day at the park was a blast, after driving through tons of traffic, we arrived at the top of the 5th inning, great timing, since thats when the Dodgers swept the giants, the score at the end of this inning was 6-0, eventually they scored some more, but in the 12th inning they finally ended the game at 8-7, The 10th win straight against their rivals at AT&T park. To see all our pics go here:

But here are a few I especially liked:Papa and Emily in their True Blue attire enjoying garlic fries

Mark and his girls enjoying the Fun!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of JULY!!!!!!!

Hope everyone's 4th was fun, besides the scorching heat, we rather had a fun day. We went to friends in the ward (who is moving in a week) for lunch, we brought a pool over and the girls really enjoyed that. we later filled it back up at our house in the front yard, in which i sat in, while Mark and Aimee did the fireworks and I took pics. the next blog will be after my postpartum appt, and then the Giants and Dodger Game and then my sister's wedding in SoCal.
Thanks to all of you for your help with the fam, this last little while.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Cadyn's official birth announcement

This is the website I made as our virtual birth announcement, so go here whenever you want and see updates as well.

Doctors Appt and The FLU

well We are going on a little over 3 weeks, since little Cadyn arrived and we have all been adjusting great actually. As for her 3 week weight check, on Thursday, she had gained 9 oz ( the doc said after 2 weeks old, they should be gaining at least an ounce a day) so Since she gained more than 7 he said she was doing well. SO I was excited, to say the least, except, she had this nasty little ingrown toenail on her left big toe, right on the top in the middle that I had been watching and trying to rid the puss myself, for a week, and so he gave us a prescription for an antibiotic. Its been weird giving an infant meds, and trying to make sure I don't forget the meds time, plus feeding times, plus normal life, its a bit chaotic. So to say the least, Emily decides to throw up on Thursday in the car, then was fine, then Sat morning Aimee dry heaves 2x takes a long nap and by 12 she is up and driving us crazy. Then by 7 I throw up and have diarrhea. Then Mark gets it Sunday morning and All day we both were laying on the couch taking turns to help with the minimum care of the kids. Thank goodness it is not called the 24 hrs flu for jokes, cause today we feel almost brand new. More to come about the rest of the week with pics

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Pics of Life with Cadyn

Not doing too bad for her first Bath, good thing her big sis Aimee was in there with her.
Being a cute big sister trying to console her little sis!

Aimee holding "baby Cadyn" right after her first bath

Cadyn's weight issue

well I wish the circumstances were switched and That I was the one losing the weight, not the baby, but alas, She has managed to keep her weight down in her 1st 2 weeks of life ( I'm trying to be humorous about the subject, so i don't get to down) As of last Thursday, she weighed 6lbs, and 14.1 oz, So the doctor, said to just try and wake her every 2 hrs to feed, and if she doesn't want to cooperate with nursing, then pump and give her that, so we have tried to stick with that, and what do you know, she starts cooperating the minute she got home from the docs, Doesn't always seem that once you go to the doctors, your illness seems to get better, even before the meds start working, weird . So anyways, she is latching on better and is awake more, so I think she will be fine come Thrusday, when we go in for a weight check. I am actually doing well, I feel th worst when I go to bed, because lying flat hurts a ton, so I try not to lay down during the day too much. And my wonderful Husband has been getting up with Cadyn and giving her a bottle, so I can continue recoverying, however, I want to start getting up, to see how I will feel, So I think I will try tonight and see how it goes. I still have my lifting restrictions, of #10 for another month, but the girls seem to be understanding, most of the time. So I also have been working on Family History, and if any of my family has any info I could use, please send it to me, so I can get as many names printed out, so when We get a chance to go to the temple, we will have the names ready.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cadyn Bailey Graff

Here is the scoop on our newest edition to our little family She was born on Friday, June 8th 8:02 pm at 7lbs and 14.1oz and 20in long at 36 weeks. The only real complication we ended up having was it took the docs over 20 mins to reach the uterus, and by that point, they had pushed Cadyn out of the way so far, that they had to suction her out. It being my 3rd c-section, my body had built up a lot of scar tissue and made the docs work to get my baby out.
As for Mom and baby, we are doing alright, we are still fighting the whole breastfeeding issue, and I at least just pray that it will come together sooner then later. I think she thinks as long as she gets food she is content.
As for Dad and the girls, they are really enjoying having their baby sister finally here. Dad is working really hard to satisfy the demands of a house of 4 females, I guess he is just getting a taste of the future, Hopefully, we won't give him too much trouble, but as we girls all know that is sometimes beyond our control. But at least he gets to be surrounded by 4 beautiful girls everyday. But I know he can handle it, He already is a really good dad, so I have no worries
that he'll survive, since they all our 'Daddy's little girls' I know he will be happy as soon as I am back to my self, so I can give him a hand, actually he is counting the days...
Since it is Father's day weekend, I think about the great husband and father I have and my daughters have, and how grateful he is the man he is. I love him so much for dealing with me through all the pregnancy and recovery issues I have, and then the girls and work. I don't give him enough credit sometimes, But he is one Awesome Dude, and we would be lost without him. Love all of you and feel free to email, or comment here, to get more personal feedback.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Introducing baby Cadyn

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More info I have found on the possible risk

Here is some more info I found concerning the risks, that are involved right now:

Anterior placentas are extremely common and generally do not cause complications. The exception is if you have had a
prior c/section.

Then, in some cases, the anterior placenta can attach itself to the old
scar in the uterine muscle, a situation called placenta accreta (or
percreta or increta, depending if the placenta goes deeper into the
muscle, or even through the entire uterus, respectively). This can
cause hemorrhage with delivery, necessitating blood transfusion or even
hysterectomy. Fortunately, if you have never had a c/section, this is
quite rare.this site can also be

Monday, June 4, 2007

35 week appt w /OBGYN

Well, for what looks to be my last prenantal appt, it went pretty good. I was told that my cervix had not changed from a 1 cm 2 weeks earlier. So that was good news. Next thing the doctor told me was I have an anterior placenta( if any "medical terms" confuse anyone, Google it), which apparently is not good for a c-section, since it is in front of the incisions area, and that would mean the surgeon cutting through it. The other problem, is that besides it being it the way, it could be attached from the adhesion's and or just really stuck to the uterine wall. This is called placenta accreta. So thus taking it out can either cause lots of bleeding and require a blood transfusion and/or a possible hysterectomy. The doc, also said my Red blood cell count was not very high, so I might lose to much and it be more of a problem then normal situations. so needless to say, the doc advised us that either I tie my tubes now or Mark does in the fall, but i am not to have another surgery down there, so basically she is telling us that their are more risks involved with this delivery, that it would be wise to stop now. So after praying for a few months now about this, we feel this is our answer to our prayers, as far as whether we are to continue adding numbers to our family or not. This may not sit well with some of you, But most of you now the struggles I've been having and I guess my body doesn't want me to do this anymore, So I guess its time to listen to it. I'm writing this down, so I can have something to remember why we made the decision and how we felt about it, it will still be in our prayers until next week when they do the Amnio to test for the Fetal lung maturity (FLM) and if it is positive, we will be having the baby or at least surgery at 8am, so sometime that morning "Cadyn Bailey" will enter this world. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers in our behalf, we really do feel the love of our friends and family as we go through this trying time. But we know that as long the Lord is with us and condones our decision, then we are happy. Love you all and will continue to use this to keep you updated on our family...hopefully

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