Monday, April 28, 2008


Those are such plain words in an of themselves, but when spoken by your 10 months baby girl for the first time it just melts your heart. So Saturday we bought the girls an early birthday present, A big swing set, and we started putting it together, it took 8 hrs or so to finish and it was pretty hot, so we were pretty tired. And Mark and I were tired to take the whole family to the store, to get milk, and a few other things, so I told him I'd go and as I walked in the door from the garage, she saw me at the end of the long hall, and she got real happy and took off real fast towards me, and when she got to me, I lowered to a knee and she climbed up on me and said "Ma, Ma", and Mark had walked in right before that, and we both were like, did she just say that. I got tears in my eyes, since both the other girls said da, da first. And so this time, he has been working on " I... Love...Ma ma", instead of da, da, so I'm way stoked that she said that already. and yesterday she was raising both arms up and the giving Mark "High fives", which was way cool. Moments like these make me feel very grateful to be able to be apart of their lives. No wonder our heavenly Father wanted us to experience parenthood, it gives us a small glimpse of how he feels towards us and the happiness it brings to him to see us learn, grow, succeed. I love it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Having fun with Markers

So the girls were a little bored I think or too creative, they found a box of highlighters I had in the office, and they decided to make themselves cats for halloween, and then they wanted to go trick or treating, but this is what ended up happening, they not only colored their faces but their bodies as well,( I'm going to try hard to find the clean ones, as in not so fully naked shots) obviously I bathed them, and it mostly came out the next day, but it was all over. Kids will be kids though, at least it wasn't on the walls...count your blessings!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bon jovi video!

Yes my angle is not the best, but the view was pretty good, since you could get the feel of the whole concert! This one is for you 'Alyssa', and for all the other Bon Jovi fans out there...

I had to put another since it was so good

Monday, April 14, 2008

Daughtry and Jovi Concert review

Totally awesome, but next time we won't sit so close to the speakers, we were deafened literally till the next day, Mark till last night. They both sounded hot and looked sexy. I'm including some videos of each, the best that I thought
I think everyone needs to experience a rock concert at some point in their life, I'd recommend sooner then later.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bon jovi and Daughtry in Concert in 48hrs!!!!

I am so EXCITED to go see Daughtry and Jovi this Friday night, I will post this weekend and tell you all about it. I'm hoping I can get some cool shots or even an up close of him and in my dreams, with him and Mark. or even have something signed
. Anything would be cool. Mark and I love Daughtry he is our favorite singer, we both have other favorites, but we grew to love him together, so its cool that we can share a passion like this. Hope luck favors the desperate...We'll see... Can't wait No kids, rock music, and lots of screaming. What could be better.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our new Prophet and Motherhood

Well, I actually was able to watch most of Sunday conference, and I really liked Bro. Ballards, talk about Mother's. I have been reading a book I purchased at last year's Time Out for Couples, called The Parenting Breathkthrough, by Merilee Boyack. It basically talks about how to teach your kids to be independent capable adults, who know how to save and budget money. Alot of it I will use as my girls get older, but a lot of the money things, were good for Mark and I. But I have been really thinking and pondering a lot in the last few weeks about the job of Parenting, and the role and impact it plays on the lives of our children. These sweet spirits, that the Lord has entrusted to us to raise, nurture, teach, love, support, and hopefully build a strong enough foundation to be able to return to live with him. ( Sometimes, I think, what were you thinking Lord, I can't handle this, I barely have my own life in order, and now you want me to be responsible for more souls). But with trying to increase our spirituality in general as a family, couple and personally, it has been on my mind, the majority of my days. I have been making goals and starting new routines with the kids such as chores, FHE, reading the scriptures, and nightly prayers. And I would be doing a good job without the help of a very supportive spouse. But what made me feel real good this morning, was when I was making a bottle for the baby, Aimee was finishing a puzzle on the floor she started last night, and I was singing " I am a Child Of God" The girls watched a little of conference and we had a packet that a friend sent me to do with the kids and that helped keep the girls in the room ands at least hearing the speakers. But Aimee could tell who the prophet was by then end of the morning. We had talked about that at the last FHE and I think she was starting to recall what we were saying. So, despite my shortcomings as a mother, housewife and maid, If my kids grow up with a love for the savior and this gospel, then I will feel very accomplished, and not care that the house wasn't spotlessly cleaned every day.

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