Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well I wanted to share with you our first and last family snow day for a long time, we figured hey, might as well go to the snow, before we go live in the deseret, where we are more than an hour away from the snow. Here are a few pics, of our fun.

Mark and Aimee

Maren and Emily
3 girls first time in the snow

Mark going down belly up, with the Rico right behind

Pull Rico, Pull!! Go sled dog

Go Dad and Emily

Daddy with Cadyn on her first sled ride

Friday, December 14, 2007

Moving To Arizona

Well I guess i can spread the news now, we are for sure moving down to AZ. We will be leaving on the 9th of Janurary, We will be renting our friend's home there for 18 months. It has been a long time deciding what to do with financial problems, and actually after watching an episode n Oprah, I felt an answer to pray with some advice that was given on the show that was going through a similar experience. weird to say that, but its true so w are selling the house and moving out of CA. I hope one day we might be able to return, but for now, I don't want to move again, at least this big untill the girls are done with school. We will miss all of you in the Olivehurst Ward, and our friends we have made living here in Marysville. Its been nice living here, but now we feel we need this change to improve our life, and get rid of the constant stress. I don't want to die at age 30, from a stress related incident. WE love all of you, those we are leaving behind, and its sad to think, but we really have no intentions of even coming back up here, since we have no family close anymore. we will fill you in as we get in the house are details, but leave a post and i'll email you our info.

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