Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy 7 year Anniversary

Well, Today is Mark and I's 7 year anniversary. It fitting to actually blog on this day, We were able to go on a 6 hour long date. We went horseback riding in the morning, went to Texas Road house for lunch and we going to try and hit baseball game, but never made it, so we just went to a few stores and browsed with no kids. We have decided(with my initial encouraging)to start yearly goals to make our marriage better. We decided this year we are going to refocus on "falling back in love". Not that we don't love each other right now, but the concept of being "in love" I think most couples fall out of , especially has families are created and life moves forward, we all tend to fall into habits and most of the time the marriage tends to get scooted under the rug, until problems arise. We are wanting to avoid the possible problems, by taking control ourselves. So basically try and do something little to show the other person you are important to me today and I love having you be apart of my life. I guess I wanted to have our next years of marriage be stronger then the first few. Since we are done having children, we can focus on other areas of our lives, like enriching the lives of our children and one another.
One small note:
Mark, I am so grateful to have such a special Man in my life, who honors his priesthood, is loyal to his job, respects his wife and cherishes his children. Even though we have had our share of trials, we have managed to not let it affect our marriage permanently. Lets make the next few years even better.

Here are some pics from our little date! Enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cady my 'Baby Beluga'

This is a song by Raffi, that I have started to sing to Cady when ever she is in the bath and I happen to join her... or if she is by herself and its just me and her in the bathroom, It is so cute and brings back such fond memories of my childhood. She is such a great ending and completeness to our family. She is so cute, she likes to be independent but doesn't fight too long and is a very affectionate child, always giving hugs and kisses to everyone. I love my little baby girl who will soon turn 2 and hit all the fun stages of toddler-hood.
She is also in Love with Dora, except she just says " DAAA" which we know to be Dora, and she gets VERY excited whenever it comes on... We bought her a little Dora doll that has a few musical things that she sleeps with, since her baby TAD is not working very well anymore ( it has lasted 3 kids). She has moved up in the world, since we moved she has been sleeping in the bottom bunk of the bunk beds and we have one o those gates up and she loves it, and lately Emily has been 'sleeping over' in Aimee's room on the floor and So she has had the room all to herself, she does so well. She stays in her bed, we even have a plastic slide toy in their room, but she stays in her bed and is happy there.
I wanted to make a post about her since she is my last baby and I am cherishing the little things and so this post is basically about that.I hope you enjoy my sweetheart as much as I do. I love you so much Cady and very happy you are in our family.

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