Saturday, March 29, 2008

"LIttle Chef"

So, Aimee has had a new friend this past week, and his name is "little chef". Any of you who have kids and watch disney movies, knows what movie I'm referring to, I'd hope. She carried him around in her pocket, when she's watching TV, playing outside anything, but she doesn't refer to him at every moment 24/7. But when I catch her involved with some thing, I can see her talking to him and putting him someplace to watch or help her. But what made me curious enough to blog about it, was I thought imaginary playmates, were for children who suffered from "only child syndrome" not from those who are a number in their home. But I guess not, Mark and I just think its cute, and he eggs her on, when she is not listening, or not paying attention to us, he'll say stuff like, " I'll take little chef, and eat him," and she goes beserek, like its real, very powerful is the human mind. So I just wanted to point that cute fact this week. I'm not sure what I should be worried about more, whether or not she has a "imaginary playmate" or the fact that it is a little rat.
Emily has been really successful at potty training this week. I have learned that if I put nothing on her, lower end, then she uses the toilet, if not she goes in whatever is there to catch it, whether it be underwear, pull ups, or a diaper ( yes, I have all three, but who doesn't have that for the potty training transitioning years of a toddler) and once I figured it out, she has been going number 1 and 2 in the toilet, as far as the mornings go, after nap, I put a diaper or pull up on when she sleeps, and she always seems to fill them up and wither go 2 again in there. But I think the concept is working, she has had some accidents, like peeing on chairs... but so far no carpet, just easy to wipe up areas. Count you blessings where and when u can I guess.
Cadyn is still all over the place and crawling pretty quick now, and yes we are calling her "Cady" all the time, I blame Emily, since she started it for me. But she has mastered the art of going from her knees to standing and getting up on furniture, and soon she will want to move across that piece of furniture and then away, crazy how fast they learn those things. But so far she is not climbing up or out of things, just gets up and stands theirs and bounces sometimes.
I have been sick with a cold and a nasty cough, which has affected my voice and my head is congested all the time, so I have not worked out since my little trauma over 2 weeks ago. I want to go back, just waiting for my body to get better, so I'm not huffing and puffing after 2 mins, cause my lungs have crap in them, and I can't breathe in my nose, since its full of crap too. But Mark did go 3 days in a row and takes the kids at least the older ones , so I can have some piece with just the baby, I cleaned one day, vacuuming really well, so it took all of 30 mins, and other stuff. Anyways, the alternator just went out on the Camry, but thank goodness thats all it was, and we had it switched out in like 15 mins. We are becoming pretty good mechanics, the pair of us. I guess it helps that both our first cars were 86/87 Camrys.
We are trying to keep up with our daily reading of the book of mormon with the kids, but some days are better then others. Some days we are too tired, and we simply forget, since we just want to get the kids in bed, and lay down ourselves. Hopefully next week can be better.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm DONE!!!!!!

Well, so much for the Atkins thing, I was doing alright, lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks, and then something happen last Wednesday, that kinda has been a spiral down effect, where its one thing after another. I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder I think Monday night, reaching in the car, as we were driving home, which was out of reach(Mark was driving and I was not, just to clarify) And I believe I heard a pop, but never really hurt that much, so Wednesday comes around and the night before my arm was hurting a tiny bit, but nothing to cause any alarm. So Wednesday morning, I was in the office working on some computer programs mark didn't get to the night before, So as I was fixing things, My chest and shoulder started to really hurt, my first thought, was maybe I was just sore from working out, but I hadn't lifted any weights since the week before, and I did the elliptical for the 2nd time on Monday, but I didn't feel like I over did it. But as the morning went on, My chest was getting more and more tight, and every breath I took was getting harder, it felt like a muscle thing, but I wasn't 100% sure, and my back was hurting, so I was nervous, so I talked to an advice nurse, my dad's friend, and she said that with your family's history, I'd go get checked, and she didn't think it was a heart attack, and deep down , neither did I, But I wasn't sure at this point what was causing all this pain. So I called the Relief Society Pres, and she said she'd be over or someone would be over in a min. So about 5-10 mins later, She is over,a nd since I had not called 911 yet, she called for me. The fire men and para medics were here in like 5 mins, did quick EKG, and said well we can't tell for sure, and we think you should go in via Ambulance. So I did. 2nd time in my life, very weird, they treated me as if I was having a heart attack, even though I was like I'm too young and its on the wrong side of my body. Nevertheless, I didn't have a heart attack, but the doc did do more x-rays, CT scans, blood work and another EKG, so basically they ruled out everything major and sent me home with a prescription for vicodin. after a few days of resting and icing my shoulder. Monday comes around, and as I finish up my H.W. for my last online class to earn my AA, Emily decided to make a run for the border...( I'll tell you the details if u want, I just don't feel like announcing it) and made it home safe and sound, Thank Goodness. Then Tuesday afternoon I feel ac old coming on, and since the kids have all had runny noses and coughs the last few days, I guess it was my turn. So here I am sitting here, just finished my last bit of H.W. and going on my 2nd box of Kleenex, watching DVR'd ER's and wanting nothing more then to take a bath or a nap. So as to say, I quit my diet when I left the hospital, and just writing to feel healthy again to go back to exercising. I haven't gained alot back, just a few pounds, mostly water, probably. Well I'm just glad I am done with this part of my education. Tomorrow is My Sweetheart and I's 6th Anniversary. So hopefully it will be a good day. I'm going to go be a mom again and check on the kids. TGIF

Monday, March 3, 2008

week 1 on Atkins

So after a weird, hard week on Induction on the Atkins diet, I have managed to lose 9lbs and 3 inches off my waist, 2 inches off my hips, which makes me very thrilled. However I have decided that I will stop Atkins on Sat, after my 2 weeks are through, and start to eat more sensibly, since me and mark are going to to the gym 3 x a week and Pilate's 2x a week at home, I feel that the diet is not the healthiest for you, in term of long term. I was reading in a health book, for the 8week class I'm taking online, to finish up my degree and the chapters I happened to be reading are on nutrition, managing weight and fitness. So after reading most of it, I told Mark I wan to get off Atkins and just eat better. So we'll see. I read about how your body reacts to the Yo Yo dieting, and so I want to set new goals for ourselves, by setting a 5 lb a month loss, if we can manage that. I will be pretty happy. We want to let our bodies work for us, not against us.
I have some other exciting news, I received my first calling in our new ward as a Compassionate service Leader Asst. The Relief Society told me in passing, that she will gives us further instructions soon, and that she wants to assign me all the babies being born. Which in our young ward, that in an of its self, is a huge feat of responsibility. So I am sure I will be very busy. I look forward to getting to know the sisters in the ward and helping them through this fun new experience. wow kinda sound like what I want to do as nurse. The Lord really does act in mysterious ways. Well enjoy and keep checking back for new news from the Graffs

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