Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My little Girl all grown up

So this past Wednesday, Aimee's school had an award assembly and she received 2 awards. It was very exciting for Cady, Emily and I to cheer for her... to the point of embarrassment for the volume. She received one for Perfect attendance and on the Principal's Honor roll. and this week she was Star of the Week. She also went on her first field trip on Fri. Lots of exciting things for her. Its great to see she is really enjoying School. The coolest thing is to see what she is learning. Her favorite book to read at home is "Hop on Pop" to the point that she almost can read the whole thing with no errors. pretty scary if you can ask me. My little girl reading and recognizing words. its so fun to see her mind work.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm Tagged, now your IT!!

A-Z Tagged

A- Attached Or Single: Attached
B- Best Friend: Mark
C- Cake Or Pie: Cake first
D- Day Of Choice: Friday
E- Essential Item: Chapstick, and a good pen
F- Favorite Color: BLUE
G- Greatest Accomplishment: marrying in the temple, and climbing Mt. Whitney at age 12
H- Hometown: Lancaster, CA
I- Indulgences: Chocolate-covered anything
J- January Or July: July, It's beach time
K- Kids:3 girls
L- Life is Incomplete without: family, friends, and little touch of fun
M- Marriage Date: March 22, 2002
N- Number of Siblings: 2 sisters (2 step-sisters, and 5 step-brothers)
O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P-Phobias or Fears: falling backwards, and something happening to my spouse or kids.
Q-Quotes: Do, or do not, There is no try!
R- Reason to Smile: being able to walk and my family
S- Season: Fall
T- Tag five friends: Alyssa, Joy, Laura, and Becky, and Kelly L.
U-Unknown Fact about Me: I'm a pretty open book, but I can't stand being alone or doing nothing for the majority of the time.
V- Very favorite store: Old Navy, if I had to pick a store, that's nice
W- Worst Habit: biting fingernails, but I have others, I don't want to mention...
X- X-ray or Ultra sound: Ultra Sound
Y-Your Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan, or pizza
Z- Your Zodiac sign: Taurus

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aimee's 2 week break

Well Aimee has enjoyed her 2 week break and I actually didn't mind having her home again, hanging out with me. She is a great help, with Cady especially. Emily has enjoyed her playmate and partner in crime. But I thought I'd get some "non-naked pics" of my girls so no pedifile will pick up on my blog. We watched Law and Order SVU last night and It really bothered me, so I am going to delete the pics on that site, just to keep their sanctity. I am looking forward to Conference this weekend. Especially with the economy and the political mess I hear everyday, I wonder if they will say anything regarding it, besides the stuff we have heard before. But it makes me think, they have been preaching, stay of of debt, save money, have food storgae and if u just look around , its for times like these, not necessarily for times of natural disaaster, but economic disaster as well. With Mark's and I decision to move closer to work and be in a smaller apartment, we are really trying to simplify our life, and save what we can. Which I think the Lord is aware of our needs, and is so far blessing us in that decision. It will be hard going from the luxurys of living in a house, whether u rent or own, to an apartment, but I think Our family needs it, and needs to be unified especially under these times. I just hope the Lord can continue to bless us in our efforts and give us the strength to endure the temptations that may lie in wait for us.
Well on a lighter note, as far as My exercise commitment, I have been going every weekday since July 21 ( minus a few days here and there for sick kids, or me sick), and have officially lost 7lbs and counting. My eating is still being curtailed, but I think I needed to get " in shape" before any weight was going to be lost, My endurance was pretty pathetic and now I can burn over 400 cal on the treadmill in 30 mins. Which my goal when I stated that first month was at least 100 cal. So the past few weeks, I have seen the scale continue to drop, almost on its own. Which is such a nice thought. But I am losing a few inches here in there, but I don't really see it yet, but I am getting more flabby, in the areas of great need, so there is hope there. Mark and I might start up Atkins after we move just to jump start his weight loss, but we'll see. Till next time and hopefully an another wight loss update.

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