Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The BIG change

So in the next post I'll send pics, I promise, well as u can see my blog has changed, and there are other things that are changing since we moved to Arizona. I have committed to lose my baby fat, for good, and so We have all joined the gym ( local YMCA) and have gone a few times a week. I also have started Atkins as of Last SAT the 2/23 and so far I have lost 6lbs already I will probably start to post at least every week, with updates, I don't think I will ever look as good as Kristi. ( Way to go girl) Well Mark has a sucky commute and I hate not seeing him till after 6 every night, but we're getting a schedule down, so we can actually get things done with the little time we have together. Aimee and Emily are little terrors, getting into things, when I turn my back for a second. Hopefully this phase will pass SOON!!!!!! But I think Aimee is just bored with out being able to go to school anymore and has to wait 6 months. Cadyn is my little crawler, she is so cute. My little baby is growing up. She is eating so well and I wanted to throw in a cute pic of these 3 beautiful gifts from heaven. They make me want to pull my toe nails off, but i can't help loving them, they are so cute, Not sure where they got that from, oh Yeah, I forgot they are all little 'MARK'ets, and rightly so, From such a handsome daddy. I love our new life and we are really trying to make good changes to better our life.

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