Thursday, June 26, 2008


So, I recieved my long awaited 2 year degree in the mail yesterday. I didn't think much of it, when I was waiting for the arrival. But after it came and I opened, I felt a huge relief, and then a feeling of joy. I actually earned a Degree, an Associate in Science. I didn't think it would ever truely happen, its been so long since I started and has been delayed so many times and had lots of complications. So its a great feeling to have accomplished something like a degree, at the same time as raisng 3 wonderful daughters. I just wanted to share this with all of you. I am grateful to be able to continually develop my talents and mind. I am truely blessed with a supportive husband, and now I get to wait to start the nursing program untill he finishes his license, so I will be supportive now for him. and I can spend more time with my girls before they start school.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My baby turned 1

So My little baby turned 1 last sunday, and yes of course I wanted to do a little birthday thing, even though for a 1 year old its just about the cake and the wrapping paper, oh wait, isn't that the same for grandma's too! She loved her cake and enjoyed the few gifts we got her from her grandparents. I wanted to share some pics of the event so I didn't forget before Father's day.
Its sad and Its fun to have your infant grow up, I guess its fun to graduate to milk from formula and lighten the grocery bill, and be able to sit forward in the car, and be able to stat walking and being more mobile, but as that hits so does the attitude of independence, yet they know they can't but they will try their little hearts out. But I think it will be nice when there is no more diaper changing and no more putting everything on the ground or within arms reach in their mouth stage. But I do look forward to what the future brings as I watch the little daughters of Mine grow up to be bright Young Women.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting Older

Well I have been feeling rather blah the last 4 days, and maybe even today, not sure yet, but we'll see, So as I cut My dear husbands hair this weekend, I noticed something, I didn't think I would notice, and there it was, not one but a patch of gray hair at the base of his hair, intermixed with his blond hair. I was shocked to say the least, He is not quite 32 and already its coming. It only lets me tease him more since I am 6 years younger, and I would always tease, " You old Man" But now he really is, very funny. I apologized, since I think I might have cause the gray hair growth, but I think the kids will cause mine.
Anyways since the last post, we also celebrated Aimee's 5th birthday. It is so weird to think she is getting so big, starts school in less then 2 months. We had the Kings over since those are main friends right now, and just had a little party with cake, pizza and presents. It was quick and The girls helped me decorate a little, so it was nice.

Aimee's first present
Barbie from Kings
The Cake
Daddy bringing the cake
Waiting patiently
lame parents forgot candles again, but little birthday girl didn't mind

I have been doing alot of reading, studying, thinking about Improvement. In all aspects of my life alot lately, I have read a book on parenting, marriage, fitness program, and organizing. Its hard to know where to start. I think that's my biggest downfall, I get an idea and I think I must act on it right away, and then I find other things get ignored, and then I get stressed, since I'm not done with my new idea. I want to share with all of you some cool things I've learned, but just not there yet, as far as organizing, I'm still waiting to get a full fledged routine in my life going, I'm working real hard at it, but most of the time I feel overwhelmed, and just take a break, which puts me farther away from my goals. Hopefully I will figure things out soon, I'm hoping when school starts I will be able to establish a good routine for things, since I will have some structure. I seem to work better when I have time restraints, and less efficiently when I have all the time in the world. Like I planned my own wedding while working 2 jobs back to back with 3 hrs in between, but I got it done and I used the time I had efficiently, its been hard trying to do that with the kids, wanting to just play and hang out with them, but always thinking I have something else O could be doing or should be doing. Anyways great Month coming up, I'm sort of excited for the next 2 months, My baby will turn 1 on Sunday, then Father's day, then my Emily will turn 3, and then we travel to CA to visit family for the 4th and then come home and Aimee starts school 10 days later and Then Mark has his birthday the very next day after school starts. so filled up next couple of months. What has got me through the last few years of childbearing is having big goals to look forward to, like baby's being born, trips, family visits...Anything to countdown to, helps me. Maybe it might help you too.

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