Friday, February 26, 2010

Mary Poppins, Early Anniversary Date

So I will eventually catch up, but since I have been on and off sick this week, I figured I could update. We went and saw Mary Poppins in the theater over the weekend. It was so awesome. It was a pretty crazy day to start, Aimee's game was almost rained out. ( I could have stopped since the rain and wind and cold, made everyone freezing including me, the Ref) and then grocery shopped, our typical Sat. Since I had a sinus infection feeling in my head, I wanted to rest before hand, then we left about 5 till 11. We went to Chili's and had a great dinner and I stayed within my points, yeah me. Mark was not bored during the play, and actually enjoyed himself. I love that we try and find something special and unique to do for our Anniversary most years. Here are some pics My sister spoofed up for us. Enjoy!

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